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Fitted out in interview clothes, ill equipped and overexposed
This year had such high hopes, now I’m facing an unhealthy dose as
Anxiety attacks, panic spreads through the ranks
An outside assailant wearing blue and black
Creeps into my home, puts it all on for show
Systematic, symptomatic, a traitor through and through

Voices spat out down the phone,
Nomad, you can’t come home.
Surfaces covered in spikes,
Student’s spew by the vagrant’s side.
Ran a thousand miles in my mind tonight,
And for this next year I won’t sleep right,
But there’s still fire in my belly, still a glint in my eye
I don’t just wanna survive, I’ll fucking thrive

Like hell I’m coming out of this intact,
It’s a cynical state of the nation attack.
You voted right but it all came out wrong,
Hid your hideousness behind your southern drawl!
Sitting in a tax haven at 5AM,
Ethics compromised by contract imposition,
I can’t cash in these incorrigible dreams,
No one’s gonna save me


I’m gonna thrive, I won’t just settle to survive.
The bones of this country are bleached dry.
But. I'm. Just. A.
Redbrick, scrounger.
Another headline headed straight for the gutter.
And the only stars I see.
Are the ones on TV.
They don’t comfort me.

The world turns mute! No hope at all! Aimless adventurer, how will you fight your way out?!
Dying suns! Lower your eyes! Awake in an ocean, reflected from this mind!
Drowning! Caught up in the tide, a sinking ship bailed out, can’t stop it capsizing!
Well! If England’s in my bones, then let them be on show, with a country’s cadaver in the operating room!
You'll let it sink! Let it die! Let the ocean feast on its insides!
No matter what I feel, it don’t stop the cold, arctic winds and Tory burns!
Let it sink! Let it die! Let it sink, let it die!
No matter where I look, the books are cooked, social contracts all torn up!
Let it sink! Let it die! Let it sink, let it die!
No matter what I say I can’t get close enough!
No matter what I do the distance is too much!
And if I get kicked out, is this your nation’s love?
If we get kicked out, is this what we deserve?
No matter what I say I can’t get close enough!
No matter what I do the distance is too much!
But when we get knocked down, we pick ourselves back up
Brothers and sisters, nomad and vagrant

Carry on! (x4)


from Lost Souls, released June 3, 2016
Matthew Wilson - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Sam Butterfield and Matthew Wilson - Drums
Produced by Sam Butterfield



all rights reserved


Armed To The Teeth Leeds, UK

loud noises and riffs for days. we write songs of a slightly aggressive bent. we still can't quite sing in key

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