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Alarms are screaming, eyes snap awake
You ready to waste another day?
The only constant in my routine
Is the daily dose of caffeine,

Scattered awake, on the edge of sleep,
All roads lead away from me, so
Take a drive as I take a dive
Into this Arabic apathy

My coffee’s gotten cold, I’m staring at the wall
Living doesn’t seem so romantic anymore,
Yeah, I’m staring at the floor, my skin starts to crawl
Pedantically you plan, trying to comprehend
If the problem of living gets resolved in the end
The abyss rises up and it grins deep
Swallowing you into eternity

And you’re told you’re disposable, but they’ve got it all wrong,
You knew it all along, you knew it all along

I’m a polyglot, riddle me this, there’s a tongue twister that defies all words,
If currency is the constant that keeps us alive why does it just stick in my throat
Another piece of paper to my name, a banker’s note on which I’ll choke
Nice to know that when I’m bones I’ll still be mediated through papyrus and pulp


Born alone, die alone, I refuse to believe it
Spending life one foot in the grave with next month’s rent round your neck
Divorced from the matter that made me, reduced to seeking currency
But when we signed that contract in blood and ink, you bled the same colour as me


Black me out and take me off the grid
Cut off the cancer that infests and nests
Rid that anxious weight from around your neck
You’re more than a paycheck, you’re more than this


from Lost Souls, released June 3, 2016
Matthew Wilson - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Sam Butterfield and Matthew Wilson - Drums
Produced by Sam Butterfield



all rights reserved


Armed To The Teeth Leeds, UK

loud noises and riffs for days. we write songs of a slightly aggressive bent. we still can't quite sing in key

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