Lost Souls

by Armed To The Teeth

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Debut EP from Leeds based noisemakers.


released June 3, 2016

Matthew Wilson - Vox/Guitar/Bass/Drum Programming
Sam Butterfield - Production/Mixing/Mastering/Drum Programming



all rights reserved


Armed To The Teeth Leeds, UK

loud noises and riffs for days. we write songs of a slightly aggressive bent. we still can't quite sing in key

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Track Name: Faction
Drowning in the archipelago, drowning off the coast of Greece
Too many bodies in the clutches of Hades, too many bodies clogging up the Styx
The north sinks beneath the deluge, muddy water creeps into your home
Sandbags replaced by the morning rags, breeding xenophobes

(Chorus) Spent souls, they go
Straight to the bottom
Victims to the ebb and flow
Someone else’s prize
Another war, another world
Slime and sludge conspire
The ocean’s depths, take hold of
All souls on board, we won’t die alone
Die alone

There’s no bluffing against this tabloid kangaroo court,
The coven cozened to chaos, ignore the body on the beach
Testament to his hand, no paired aces or pocket royals
So six days on a leaky boat, before the deck collapsed beneath him


Factions strive, widen the divide, bloody battles and fist fights
Factions strive, widen the divide, wasting time, wasting lives
Factions strive, widen the divide, seems like there’s no resolution in sight
Factions strive, widen the divide, will you settle to survive or will you try and thrive?

Track Name: Disposable
Alarms are screaming, eyes snap awake
You ready to waste another day?
The only constant in my routine
Is the daily dose of caffeine,

Scattered awake, on the edge of sleep,
All roads lead away from me, so
Take a drive as I take a dive
Into this Arabic apathy

My coffee’s gotten cold, I’m staring at the wall
Living doesn’t seem so romantic anymore,
Yeah, I’m staring at the floor, my skin starts to crawl
Pedantically you plan, trying to comprehend
If the problem of living gets resolved in the end
The abyss rises up and it grins deep
Swallowing you into eternity

And you’re told you’re disposable, but they’ve got it all wrong,
You knew it all along, you knew it all along

I’m a polyglot, riddle me this, there’s a tongue twister that defies all words,
If currency is the constant that keeps us alive why does it just stick in my throat
Another piece of paper to my name, a banker’s note on which I’ll choke
Nice to know that when I’m bones I’ll still be mediated through papyrus and pulp


Born alone, die alone, I refuse to believe it
Spending life one foot in the grave with next month’s rent round your neck
Divorced from the matter that made me, reduced to seeking currency
But when we signed that contract in blood and ink, you bled the same colour as me


Black me out and take me off the grid
Cut off the cancer that infests and nests
Rid that anxious weight from around your neck
You’re more than a paycheck, you’re more than this
Track Name: Mercenaries
To work is to live, to live is to die, to die is a disappointment when all’s said and done
But you’re given no alternative, your possessions are perilous, and they weigh you down
There’s a reflection in the window pane of a passing train, careening the other way
Briefly it sets you free from ya commonplace commuter misery
Back to a time where you felt alive, rules were for breaking and music thrived
Although I thought we were done jumping trains, the mirror reflects a time better spent
Was I sold short, did I miss selling out, in our comfortable creation I’m beginning to doubt
What we made was worth anything at all

At the end of the day, the same question was raised, will we get paid for the music we made?
And when the lights raise on an empty house, your band breaks, they say it’s time to move on
But who wants to be the king of giving in, cowardice is contagious, a sickly sin
The dreams we have are all we hold, so will you be bought as easily as you’re sold?!

The price of life is not measured in gold,
At the end of the day we’re just flesh, blood and bones,
The dreams we have are all we hold, day in day out we say we’ll be bold but
Will you be bought as easily as you’re sold?

“Are we any different?” I’ll ask as the drinks arrive, scrounged from the wreckage of the rider last night
It’s a thought that freaks me out, fills me with dread, put a price on bread you put a bullet to art’s head
You spend your days pulling form out of thin air and binding it into riffs and laying your soul bare
Against the void with your handful of songs, it’s all I’ve got, here I’ll stand

History isn’t written by giving up the pen, you’ll just get your name scribbled out in the end
With one life to live and an eternity in death, being sick to your stomach is cheap recompense
You want to make your mark, then do it today, tattoo your territories, slice out your space
Eating aint cheating but neither is admitting you want more than just the scraps


So let’s jump jump jump that train tonight, jump it with me!
Cos wherever we go, I hope you know, there’s work for mercenaries!

History isn’t written by giving up the pen, you’ll just get your name scribbled out in the end

So let’s jump jump jump that train tonight, jump it with me!
Cos wherever we go, I hope you know, there’s work for mercenaries!
Track Name: Evicted
Fitted out in interview clothes, ill equipped and overexposed
This year had such high hopes, now I’m facing an unhealthy dose as
Anxiety attacks, panic spreads through the ranks
An outside assailant wearing blue and black
Creeps into my home, puts it all on for show
Systematic, symptomatic, a traitor through and through

Voices spat out down the phone,
Nomad, you can’t come home.
Surfaces covered in spikes,
Student’s spew by the vagrant’s side.
Ran a thousand miles in my mind tonight,
And for this next year I won’t sleep right,
But there’s still fire in my belly, still a glint in my eye
I don’t just wanna survive, I’ll fucking thrive

Like hell I’m coming out of this intact,
It’s a cynical state of the nation attack.
You voted right but it all came out wrong,
Hid your hideousness behind your southern drawl!
Sitting in a tax haven at 5AM,
Ethics compromised by contract imposition,
I can’t cash in these incorrigible dreams,
No one’s gonna save me


I’m gonna thrive, I won’t just settle to survive.
The bones of this country are bleached dry.
But. I'm. Just. A.
Redbrick, scrounger.
Another headline headed straight for the gutter.
And the only stars I see.
Are the ones on TV.
They don’t comfort me.

The world turns mute! No hope at all! Aimless adventurer, how will you fight your way out?!
Dying suns! Lower your eyes! Awake in an ocean, reflected from this mind!
Drowning! Caught up in the tide, a sinking ship bailed out, can’t stop it capsizing!
Well! If England’s in my bones, then let them be on show, with a country’s cadaver in the operating room!
You'll let it sink! Let it die! Let the ocean feast on its insides!
No matter what I feel, it don’t stop the cold, arctic winds and Tory burns!
Let it sink! Let it die! Let it sink, let it die!
No matter where I look, the books are cooked, social contracts all torn up!
Let it sink! Let it die! Let it sink, let it die!
No matter what I say I can’t get close enough!
No matter what I do the distance is too much!
And if I get kicked out, is this your nation’s love?
If we get kicked out, is this what we deserve?
No matter what I say I can’t get close enough!
No matter what I do the distance is too much!
But when we get knocked down, we pick ourselves back up
Brothers and sisters, nomad and vagrant

Carry on! (x4)